Videos and Gifs


The Rounds

I produced a series of quick social media videos for The Rounds, an NYC based cookie company.

Mae Mae NYC

I shot, edited and produced a series of social media stop motion videos for Mae Mae NYC, a children’s clothing company.


Star Street Party Company

I produced and edited a series of short social media videos and gifs with Star Street Party Co, a Rhode Island based amaretti cookie maker. 

Fair Play Projects

I produce, direct, and edit all of the videos for Fair Play Projects, a kids' wear pattern company and online sewing shop that I co-founded. 


Purl Soho Video Tutorials

I direct and edit all of Purl Soho's knitting, sewing and crafting video tutorials. 

The Broad Experience

I created teaser videos for The Broad Experience, a great podcast about women in the workplace. 


I produce an on going series of social media videos for